Hang Out Gallery - Logo Samples

Company logo samples has been updated!!

Up now this is still a sample and this is not the complete work yet.

This logo is designed by Jesper Johannason (my friend) who is Swedish and liveions in London.

For company information will coming!!!


Hang Out Gallery

Eventually, I made a move of starting business. The name of the company is called "Hang Out Gallery" and there is a couple of departments.

 One is "Hang Out Gallery of Art" which is specialized in Art, and other one is "Hang Out Gallery of Apparel" which is specialized in Apparel as name applies lol

2 of my friends support this company. Our current base is in Tokyo. But I want co-oprate with people who I met the last journey, so my last target is create bases in the world.

Any young artists ,who interest in this project, please contact me ↓



VAST in London

My DJ friend has organized an event that starts soon.

It takes the place at Visions Video Bar on 29/07.

If you have any interests in it or live in London, please join it.

She is a really good DJ and I guarantee that you will enjoy the night. 

For further details, visit this URL: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?271360

If you would like to attend, please click attending from link above.

This is a sample
Response me (downtempo ver with alberto) by VAST_London

Let's support her!!!

Response me (downtempo ver with alberto)

Response me (downtempo ver with alberto) by VAST_London